With our 55+ years of experience and dedication to the Specification/Bid & Spec, Commercial, and Residential Plumbing Markets, Barbieri & Kline, Inc. is recognized as one of the Top Plumbing Manufacturer’s Representative Agencies in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

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Featured Products


Self-Actuating Thermostatic Recirculation Valve

Circuit Solver is a self-actuating thermostatic recirculation valve which automatically and continuously maintains the end of each domestic hot water supply... More

Mea-Josam PRO-PLUS

Mea-Josam PRO-PLUS

Mea-Josam Pro-Plus trench drain systems are 1.5 times stronger, yet 70% lighter, than polymer concrete. In addition to strength and reduced weight, key advantages of the SMC/GRP process incl... More

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